Sponsor Horse Care

We have four horses in our Cloud Dancers stables that are always looking for a friendly human to provide for their ongoing care. Birdie, Smores, Linny, or Speck would very much appreciate your support of Cloud Dancers by underwriting their board, care, and food.  Examples of how far your money goes:

$4,000 sponsors a horse for a year (or $333/month)
$333 feeds and cares for one horse for a month (or $28/month)
$150 provides a new set of shoes for a horse (or $12.50/month)
$90 provides alfalfa for a week (or $7.50/month)
$60 trims the hooves of one horse (or $5/month)
$25 provides disinfectant concentrate to keep staff/volunteers safe while tending to horses

Thank you for your generous support!