Volunteer FAQs

As a prospective volunteer, you probably have lots of questions. If you have a question we’ve not answered here, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to provide an answer.

What is the minimum age at which someone can volunteer at Cloud Dancers?»

14 years old

Do I need to have previous experience with horses?»

No. However, you must be willing to learn about horses and working with individuals with disabilities. Positive and joyful attitudes are a must, along with good communication and listening skills.

How do I know when and where my Meet and Greet session is held?»

Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch about that after receiving the Volunteer Application that you submitted. A delay of a few days before hearing back is not unusual nor an indication that your Application has not been received.

I understand that a background check is required; how do I initiate that?»

After you’ve confirmed your interest in being a Cloud Dancers’ volunteer, you can get the background check underway by emailing our volunteer administrator at volunteerad.clouddancersthp@gmail.com and request that a background check be initiated. You will then hear directly from the company,  Coeus Global, via email with a link to their form to provide needed information.  The cost is $21.50. 

What steps are being taken to address the COVID situation?»

Refer to our News List for the current Covid-19 Guidelines and Protocol.