Class Fees and Billing Policy

Typically, Cloud Dancers offers eight-week sessions, throughout the year from January through December. Group Lessons are 60 minutes in length, one day a week for eight (8) weeks. Group size, determined by Instructors based on rider abilities and needs, may vary between two and four students each. Upon request, private lessons are available.

8-week Sessions

group session, 60-minute classes $330
private session, 30-minute classes $340 
private session, 60-minute classes $510 

There is a one-time $25 non-refundable evaluation fee that must accompany your initial application. Thereafter, annual updated applications and medical forms are required.

Our policy is for payment for any session to be made in advance of the first class of that session. We understand that this may be difficult when a third-party payer is involved; however in these situations we do require a guarantee of payment prior to the first class. Payments may be made online. Checks may be mailed to the address below or given to an instructor at the Barn.

Cloud Dancers Billing
PO Box 10489
Albuquerque, NM 87184

Students will be charged $30 for returned checks and may be put on “credit card only” basis for more than one returned check.

There are no refunds, credits or rescheduling for missed lessons. Unusual circumstances should be discussed with the Program Coordinator.

Cloud Dancers invoices clients before the start of each session, unless payment has already been received. Upon request, special invoices or statement of services will be provided.

The Treasurer or Program Coordinator will work with Third Party payers and clients on appropriate class payments. Lessons may qualify for reimbursement through DD Waivers, Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation or other health care groups. Arrangements must be made for payments to be made payable to Cloud Dancers. Prospective students should check with their insurance companies on eligibility for reimbursement.

Cloud Dancers does have some financial resources for income eligible families for reduced rates.