(From his owner…) I bought curly when he was 2 years old and I was in middle school – at that time I was using him as a show horse for 4H and for ranch horse competitions.
In high school I started working ranches in the summer and I would gather and brand cows with him. I later started to competitively team rope on him(And that’s how I met my husband 😊.) During that time my sister would travel around the state with Curly serving as the Sandoval County Queen. Other rodeo queens would also borrow him because he could handle large crowds and fireworks. 
While I was in college, I would start using him to participate in ranch sortings and my sister would use him to run barrels at college rodeos.
After graduating college, Curly became my go to horse for all of nieces and nephews to ride. His life experiences made him the most trustworthy horse I’ve ever had and he became the best babysitter.