I am a Clydesdale/Quarter horse cross with a great deal of charm & charisma.   A number of years ago, I was noticed alone in a pasture between Taos and Questa. Eventually I agreed to join a vaulting program and do some eventing and jumping. This was where I picked up the name Kirby Jack!  I later moved to Albuquerque Vaulters on the south end of Corrales where I learned to jump, & do some dressage and vaulting. I even competed in several regional competitions. Cassandra, my owner & a Cloud Dancers’ volunteer, moved me to Cloud Dancers to work on their new vaulting program.  My age is one of those well- guarded secrets!

I’m quite the character, you know, and I keep folks on their toes. I’ve been known to open stall and arena gates—my herd thought the adventure was great fun!  I’m a big water fan, too. When my water tank is full, I like to put my two front feet in the tank and splash the water all over. It’s so cool and refreshing and you know, it makes most everyone laugh! I enjoy all my riders and especially my vaulters and hope one day to have a new Vaulting Instructor, so we can offer vaulting again.