I am a half-Arab/half-Quarter horse gelding, born in 1993, with coloring that is unflatteringly described as “flea-bitten gray”! Not only am I, the newest addition to Cloud Dancers’ herd, but I am the oldest! I am owned by Casey, a teacher at Albuquerque Academy, who bought me in 2008 from a ranch family who used me to sort cattle, be a family horse & a parade pony.  For 20 years Speck took Casey all over New Mexico. Casey’s son learned to ride on Speck and the family called him the “Sheriff,” because he is a protector.

Specks’s love of children and his caring nature make him a perfect horse for therapeutic riding. He is steady and dependable, loving and  versatile. He especially loves being scratched on his chest & belly, getting ear rubs & neck pats…and he is always hungry! After a year of training, Speck seems to be quite content with his new herd and is looking forward to meeting all of you soon and fulfilling his new purpose of “improving lives with every ride”.