«return to upcoming eventsGiving Tuesday, December 1st 2020!

2020 has truly been an Extraordinary Year!  Each of us has experienced various degrees of hardship, and stress, along with moments of opportunity and awakening.  Even in these turbulent times, there is always something to be thankful for.

A donor is like a four leaf clover—“Hard to find – Lucky to have”.  We are so thankful to have you, our faithful donors, who are keeping Cloud Dancers financially viable.  We have reached 67% of our $30,000 fund raising goal for the year.  On this GIVING TUESDAY, you can ensure that we raise the remaining $10,000 for the feeding and care of our five extraordinary horses–Snoopy, Lady J, Birdie, Kirby and Speck, by making a MONTHLY or ONE-TIME donation . . .

$4,000 sponsors a horse for a year ($333/mo.)

$333 feeds and cares for one horse for one month ($29/mo.)

$150 provides a new set of shoes for a horse ($12.50/mo.)

$90 provides alfalfa for a week ($7.50/mo.)

$60 trims the hooves of one horse ($5/mo.)

$25 provides disinfectant concentrate to keep staff/volunteers safe while tending to horses

Any amount helps.  DONATE today so we can continue to offer services in 2021 that will benefit kids, teens and adults with disabilities.  Support the horses who bring love, compassion, understanding, fun, self-esteem, non-judgmental attitudes, plus stimulation and education of the mind and the body! 

Pretty sound investment, if you ask me!